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For over 10 years Net Search has been delivering real SEO results for Perth based businesses. With a 5 star rating, Net Search is a SEO company with a tried and proven record of delivering real tangible grow for business through exceptional SEO results.

  • Zippy

  • Seamless Concrete

  • Perth Pool Co

  • Lolly Warehouse

  • Hilton Electrical

  • Lock n Store


44 #1 Keywords

Zippy SEO Rankings

207% Traffic Increase

Zippy SEO Traffic

Seamless Concrete

24 Top 10 SEO Rankings

Seamless SEO Rankings

Reviews from Seamless


Seamless SEO Review

Perth Pool Co

10 #1 Keywords

29 additional Top 3 Keywords within 1 year

Perth Pool Co SEO Rankings

283% Increase in Traffic

Perth Pool Co SEO Traffic

Review from Perth Pool Co

Perth Pool Co SEO Review

Lolly Warehouse

31 Top 3 Keywords

Lolly SEO Rankings

257% Traffic Increase

Lolly SEO Traffic

Review From Lolly Warehouse

Lolly SEO Review

Hilton Electrical

19 #1 Keywords

Hilton SEO Rankings

107% Traffic Increase

Hilton SEO Traffic

Review from Hilton

Hilton SEO Review

Lock n Store

30 #1 Keywords

Locknstore SEO Rankings

320% Traffic Increase

Locknstore SEO Traffic