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Your website is the backbone of all your digital marketing. In today’s competitive online market it’s paramount that your websites not only looks beautiful, but also performs beautifully in terms of user engagement and conversion. If your website doesn’t convert, then there is no point driving traffic to it.

Our goal is to create websites for our web design Perth clients that stand out from their competitors and that convert visitors into paying customers. Through a combination of photography, graphic design, colour selection, and typography our team will create an interface that is easy to understand, reflects your brand perfectly, and drives visitors to a clear and strong call to action.

Our background in software engineering gives us the unrivaled technical ability to deliver any custom functionality you want to be added to your site. If it exists on the internet, our team can build it. 

meet the website designers who will design and build your new site

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SEO Specialist James

James Campbell

Bach Eng Software Engineering 10+ years experience in web development & web design

Kelvin Chong

Senior Web Designer10+ years experience in web development & web design

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We’re not as big as some of the other Perth-based web design companies. At a glance, this might look like a weakness, but it is in fact our greatest strength. With larger agencies you have no idea who is doing the work, you can’t talk directly to the developer and you get bounced around account managers throughout the project.

At Net Search you talk directly to the web developer in Perth who is working on your site, who is also your account manager. This means the work is done faster, the communication is clearer, the work is carried out by an experienced developer and the costs are lower.

Having worked with many ASX listed companies and national businesses, our team have the experience to work on large and technical projects. When looking for a new website, don’t be fooled by the flashy offices and the big teams of the larger web design agencies. These companies have huge overheads which you end up paying for when working with them. By working with a smaller team you ensure very tight quality control and that you get the best return for your investment.

our sites are not only crafted to look good, they are also designed by our website designers to work with your marketing objectives

websites designed to maximise your conversions

Websites built to last you for years to come

Engaging a web design Perth agency to design a new website for your business can be daunting and stressful. At Net Search, we genuinely care about our clients and will do everything we can not only to build a fantastic website for your business, but also to stay in budget, on time, and make the whole process easy and stress free.

Once the website is built and paid for it 100% belongs to you. We will take care of uploading it to any hosting provider you wish, or we can setup an account on your behalf. Your website is SEO ready when it is launched and we will also submit it to Google for initial indexing to speed up the process of showing up in search results.

Website training is provided so you can keep your website up to date yourself moving forward. If you need help keeping your website up to date we also offer website maintenance and website management as on-going services.

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Our website design process

Our web design Perth clients will find that our approach to building websites is simple, effective and delivers measurable results.

1. Consult

We start by discussing what message you’d like to communicate to potential customers. Are you establishing your industry expertise? Are you promoting a specific product or service? Are you trying to build brand loyalty? This initial consultation will play a key role in the long-term success of your website.

2. Design

We create a design which will emphasise the key selling points of your business and serve as a clear call to action for users. To ensure effective communication throughout this process, your account manager (who completed the initial consult) will also serve as the head developer on your website.

3. Build

Once the initial design has been approved, our experienced web design Perth-based team will get started on building the website. We’re incredibly proud of our commitment to undertake all of this technical work ourselves, with absolutely no outsourcing.

4. Content

Now that the website has been built, we’ll work in close consultation with your business to add in high-resolution images and engaging content. The goal here isn’t to stuff your website with random images, grammatically incorrect keywords and rambling text, but rather to craft content that is useful and appealing to your target audience.

5. Launch

Once you’re 100% happy with the final web design, we’re ready for your website to go live. When putting your website live we submit your site to Google for indexing, migrate across and existing tracking code you have and test all contact points and functionality to ensure your website is operating exactly as it was designed to.

What Makes A Good Website Design?

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In business, we all know that first impressions matter. But did you know that 94% of customer first impressions are made based on the design of your website? Clearly, having an engaging website is an essential part of running a successful business. But what makes a good website? An experienced web design Perth agency will focus on multiple aspects, including:


The layout of a good website will be modern, clean and easy to navigate. If the layout is overly complicated, counterintuitive or too cluttered, then most browsers will click through to a different website.


A good web design should work well across all devices, including mobiles and tablets. Studies have found that 74% of browsers report they’re more likely to go back to a website that is as easy to navigate on a mobile as it is on a computer.

Clear Selling Points

A website is about more than just selling a product or service – you’re also selling your business to potential customers. For this message to be effective, the main selling points should be clearly defined, easy to understand and followed by a strong call to action.

Search Engine Optimised

There’s no point having the best-looking web design in Perth if no one can find your business online. This is why SEO plays such an important role in good web design – it will enable your website to gain higher organic search rankings.

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