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I’m sure you’re tired of countless phone calls and emails from overseas SEO providers claiming they can get your business to number 1. Unfortunately, the SEO industry doesn’t have the best reputation for being trustworthy or delivering on what they claim.

At Net Search we bring integrity, honesty and transparency to all of our SEO services. There are no lock-in contracts and each month you will see the work we have done and the results it has generated.

SEO is a very tricky service to get right. Google is constantly updating its search algorithm and if you are too aggressive you run the risk of being penalized. It is for this reason that you need to work with an experienced team who have generated real results for Perth businesses.

a seo provider with real transparency

The four main SEO ranking factors Google looks at

If you tick these four boxes, you will rank.

Our team works through each of these four categories of SEO to ensure that your website has high trust, relevant content, no technical issues and a good user experience. You will see exactly what work we do and why we do it. No smoke and mirrors, just a good quality solution for a reasonable price.

Over the years we have developed tried and tested methods of improving your website across all areas of SEO. Whether you need more quality backlinks or more relevant content on your site, our team have the expertise and tools to get your website ranking in the top spot.

It is this level of transparency on the work that we do that sets us apart from other SEO providers in Perth.

experience from running seo campaigns for over 10 years

What makes us different

Having run SEO campaigns for over 10 years, we know from experience what does, and does not work with ranking a website higher. There is a lot of misinformation about SEO and the industry is filled with aggressive sales people and con artists.

What makes us different is that our SEO service is transparent and honest. We have ranked local and national sites in #1 for some extremely competitive search terms. We work hard for our clients, so there is nothing to hide. We don’t do lock-in contracts and you can talk directly to the person running your SEO campaign at any time.

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About our SEO Perth services

If you’re Googling ‘SEO Perth’ then chances are you’re a local business owner or manager looking to improve your marketing return on investment. Perhaps you’ve heard that SEO services are the “be all and end all” of modern marketing but you’re not 100% sure why. Maybe you’ve had some experience working with SEO companies in Perth, but you weren’t quite satisfied with the results. Or, like many people in your position, you’re looking to improve your businesses localised SEO performance and you want to work with experienced professionals…but you’re unsure how to differentiate between the many SEO agencies who all seem to be promising the exact same thing.

Introducing Net Search SEO Services Perth

Based in Perth and with over 10 years of experience in SEO marketing services, Net Search is proud to offer a tailored approach to online marketing. At Net Search, we understand that local business owners are looking for a personalised approach to SEO, minus the mind-numbing technobabble that always seems to come peppered with incomprehensible IT jargon. Our specialised team of industry experts are committed to delivering top class SEO strategies that are simple to comprehend, affordable and extremely effective. This fine-tuned approach provides our customers with a superior return on investment that is both measurable and long-lasting.

But in order to see the real value of working with a Perth-based SEO agency, it helps to first gain an understanding of what exactly SEO is, how it can benefit your business and which SEO strategies will deliver the greatest returns for your business.

What Exactly are SEO Services?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation” a designation that broadly describes the process of improving your company’s online presence. According to the international research group at Internet Live Stats, Google receives approximately 3.5 billion searches every day. With such a staggering number of searches to deal with, how is it possible for a local Perth business to reach the customer-base they’re aiming for? This is where SEO services play such an important role. An experienced SEO agency will use established strategies to ‘optimise’ your website content. An optimised website will achieve higher search engine rankings from Google, resulting in greater visibility for you and your business.

While it is theoretically possible to optimise your own website, for the average company this is an incredibly time-consuming and expensive process that leads to only incremental improvements at best. Instead, most businesses choose to work with an SEO agency that has the resources, expertise and market knowledge necessary to deliver measurable improvements. But unlike some SEO companies, Net Search don’t just aim for generic high rankings – after all, if you’re a Perth-based business seeking to attract a local audience then there’s no point paying tens of thousands of dollars for a website that will draw an international crowd. Net Search specialises in crafting SEO services for Perth businesses, using our technical expertise to enhance your location-based results.

Understanding Google Algorithms – The Key to Successful SEO

At the very heart of search engine optimisation is the Google algorithm – a convoluted mathematical equation that is used by Google to match up incoming searches quickly and effectively with applicable websites. While the algorithm itself is extraordinarily complex, at its core are three fundamental principles: Does the website have authority? Is it relevant? Is it useful?

  • Does It Have Authority? The internet is teeming with ideas and information, but that doesn’t mean it all comes from a trustworthy source. So, the Google algorithm seeks to determine the authority and accuracy of a website when deciding where it should sit in the Google rankings. One key way it does this by looking at how many ‘backlinks’ the website in question has (when another website includes a link back to your website it is referred to as a ‘backlink’). The assumption is that the more backlinks you have, the greater your website’s reputation for being trustworthy.
  • Is It Relevant? How does Google decide if a webpage is relevant? It does this by means of keywords. For example, if you’re a florist based in Perth, your website would probably contain keywords such as “Perth florist”, “flower deliveries Perth” and “Perth wedding flowers”. When people search Google using any of these keywords, your website will register as a relevant source of information.
  • Is It Useful? A useful website isn’t necessarily the website with the most keywords or the website with the most backlinks. It’s the website that is organised, easy to navigate and understandable. Google determines the usefulness of a website through “User Experience Signals”, which provide feedback on how people react to search results. For example, a user may search for the term “gluten free”. Amongst the top search results is a website that many people have linked to because it’s curated by a leading research professional with impressive credentials in the scientific community (in other words, it has authority). The website itself contains a wealth of information about disorders associated with gluten free diets, and it is all professionally researched and up to date (it’s relevant). But the information is poorly presented, difficult to understand and hard to navigate through – this makes the website less useful to the average searcher. Now compare this to an alternative search result, a website written by a gluten free blogger. Although the author has less authority, the website itself contains accurate information, is simple to navigate, easy to understand and has high levels of user engagement thanks to the inclusion of many gluten free recipes. In the eyes of Google, the latter website is the one that is most ‘useful’.

In summary, if you want your business to achieve high ranking Google results, you need to have a website that is trustworthy, relevant and useful in the eyes of Google and its many users. This can only be achieved by utilising effective SEO strategies.

Why is Working with a Perth SEO Agency Crucial for Business Success?

While traditional advertising methods such as print, TV and radio certainly still have value, a search engine optimised website is crucial for business success. This is supported by an April 2020 survey conducted by Datareportal which found that 81% of respondents searched online for a product or service to buy. And, unlike traditional forms of advertising where you can simply pay more to achieve higher exposure, search engine providers won’t let you buy improved rankings – you must earn them organically. In short, if you want your customers to be able to find you online, you need the help of an experienced SEO agency in Perth!

Net Search has found that a customised SEO strategy is the most effective form of marketing a business can engage in. This is because SEO services:

  • Are Favoured by Your Customers: The traditional advertising mindset always relied on a business reaching out to customers. Whether it was a repetitive radio jingle, a persistent pop-up ad, a series of spam emails or good old-fashioned cold calling, the core principle was the same: get the customers attention (regardless of whether they’re interested or available). Unfortunately, this approach is just as likely to irritate as it is to attract. In contrast, SEO services work behind the scenes, engaging the customer at the precise moment they’re most likely to be interested.
  • Deliver Measurable Outcomes: An experienced SEO agency in Perth will be able to source keywords that are not only highly searched, but also relevant to your local target audience. Unlike some of the larger Perth-based SEO businesses, with Net Search, your SEO developer will also be your account manager. Why is this important? Because it means the person selling you the concept is also the person responsible for delivering it. The result for you is a solid SEO strategy that comes with measurable outcomes and tangible success.
  • Are Much More Affordable: A Google AdWords campaign using popular keywords may deliver good results, but it’s also going to cost you (the more popular the keyword, the more expensive the campaign). Because of this, most businesses find they can only run a Google AdWord campaign for a limited amount of time before the cost becomes prohibitive. But building a framework of solid SEO strategies presents you with a far more cost-effective advertising option.
  • Provide Long-Term Results: Working with an SEO agency shows that you are focused on the long-term growth of your business, not just the immediate payoff that comes with AdWords or a Pay Per Click campaign. This is because SEO builds a solid structure for your website that enables you to keep on reaping the benefits well into the future. As a result, you’ll see both short-term and long-term benefits.

Why Choose Net Search for SEO Services in Perth

So, the real question is: why should you choose Net Search for SEO services in Perth? What makes Net Search stand out from the crowd?

8 Reasons to Choose Net Search

Proven Success Stories

Our confidence in our ability to deliver results is reflected in our “no lock-in contract” policy (a stark contrast to many other SEO agencies in Perth). How can we be so confident? Because of our track record of success! With our combination of services (including digital marketing, SEO services and website design) we’ve helped many of our clients to achieve exceptional results, including:

  • Sell My Shares, who have gained over 65 #1 Google rankings
  • Southern Plus, who saw their conversion rate increase by a staggering 650%
  • Hilton Plumbing, who had their website traffic go up by 337%

Locally Based

As an SEO agency operating in Perth, we understand the importance of reaching a local audience. So, we won’t try and sell you a strategy that is over-inflated for your business needs. We’ll take the time to discuss your marketing goals and outline an SEO strategy that is tailored towards achieving those set targets. If your aim is to attract clients Australia-wide, then that’s what we’ll aim for too. But if you just want to boost your local clientele then we’ll be able to help you enhance your presence in the Perth community using a location-based SEO strategy.

Work with New and Existing Business

One of the great things about SEO is that it doesn’t matter when you start to use it, it can still be just as effective as a marketing tool. Regardless of whether you’re a new business or you’ve been operating for 20 years or more, Net Search can help you to build up a solid approach to SEO marketing that will pay dividends in the years to come.

Focus on SEO and Online Marketing

Our focus at Net Search is helping our clients to improve their online marketing capabilities. This means that our time, attention and expertise lie solidly in digital marketing and SEO strategies. Why is this beneficial? Because it allows us to stay at the very forefront of changing technologies and evolving algorithms, ensuring your SEO marketing is always on point.

Enduring Results

Our goal as a Perth SEO agency is to build a framework that your online presence can continue to grow on. We are always looking towards potential growth and how the strategies we implement now can naturally evolve alongside your business in the future. Your investment in SEO now will be paying you back long after any short-term Google AdWords or Pay Per Click campaign is done and dusted.

White Hat Strategies

In the SEO community there are agencies that operate using proven best practices that comply fully with the policies outlined by search engines…and there are SEO operators that work outside of those boundaries. Commonly termed “black hat”, these tactics are typically characterised by the promise of unrealistic results at phenomenally low prices. Google is actively engaged in searching out “black hat” SEO and heavily penalises websites that rely on these ploys. Net Search is committed to only offering “white hat” strategies that are fully compliant with search engine guidelines, ensuring excellent results with no risk.

Perfect Timing

Net Search appreciates the importance of perfect timing when it comes to reaching out to potential customers. Unlike online marketing campaigns involving annoying pop-ups and persistent banners, Net Search focuses on identifying and implementing keywords that are most likely to be used by your target audience at the stage where they’re getting ready to buy. This ensures qualified leads are directed straight towards your business at the precise moment they’re most likely to commit to a purchase.

Industry Experience

The SEO industry abounds with inaccurate information and aggressive salespeople making big promises with small returns. Having operated as an SEO agency in Perth for over 10 years, Net Search have the industry experience necessary for delivering exactly what we promise. No exaggerations and no letdowns, just an honest and transparent policy backed by a solid history of successful SEO strategies.

How Will Net Search Increase Your SEO Perth Rankings?

Rather than focus on one specific element of search engine optimisation, Net Search embrace a multi-faceted style that we’ve found delivers superior SEO Perth rankings. By combining all the proven SEO best practice strategies, we’re able to boost our client’s website traffic, increase user engagement and, ultimately, expand sales. These strategies include:

  • On-Page Audit: This is always the first place an SEO agency should start because it’s impossible to know the best way forward without first understanding your current position. Our comprehensive audit will look at how your website currently functions and what kind of content you have on offer. In addition to examining website usability and level of engagement, we’ll also examine the back-end metrics to see if there is room for improvement from a technical perspective.
  • On-Page Optimisation: Once the audit is complete, we can get to work improving your current online presence. This may involve adding more content to your website, creating a more user-friendly space or simply organising the pages so that they are easier to navigate through. The goal at this stage is to create a website that your customers will find engaging, helpful and simple to use, while also ensuring that it will appeal to Google “search bots” (the software search engines use to evaluate and rank websites).
  • Keywords: Keywords play a critical role in search engine optimisation, but this step involves more than just finding the right keywords – we also need to ensure they’re used correctly. Our developers will undertake rigorous research to ensure the keywords we focus on are the ones that are most likely to result in local engagement. Once we’ve identified which search keywords your target audience is using, we can start to integrate them into your website. It’s very important that this is done in a natural way, as “keyword stuffing” (jamming in so many keywords the text barely makes sense) will result in Google penalising your ranking.
  • Tags and Subheadings: In addition to using your keywords throughout the text on your website, these phrases should also be incorporated into the titles and subheadings. Search engines use title tags and subheadings to determine what information can be found on that particular website, so it’s important that these tags are accurate, descriptive and keyword focused.
  • Evaluate Off-Page SEO: In addition to what’s happening on your website, we’ll also evaluate what’s happening off-page. Google has over 200 factors that they use to determine search engine rankings and some of these will exclusively focus your websites’ off-site logistics. The idea is to make your website look like it has more authority and one of the main ways to do this is with backlinks.
  • Backlinks: The importance of backlinks cannot be overstated. The more backlinks your website has, the greater trust a search engine will place in it. But just as important as the quantity is the quality of these links. We want your website to be associated with other trusted and relevant domains, which is why Net Search is committed to high-quality link building that will produce long-term results.
  • Internal Links: Many SEO companies focus so much on acquiring backlinks that they forget about the importance of internal links. Internal links are those that direct users to other relevant pages within your website. For example, you may have a link from your Frequently Asked Questions page to your Product page or a link from your Home Page to your latest blog entry. The great thing about internal links is that they are simple and yet highly effective at directing users (and Google “search bots”) towards the most useful content on your website.
  • SEO Services Perth: If you’re trying to reach a Perth-based audience then that is where you should be directing your SEO strategy. Enhancing your websites local visibility will go a long way towards driving your target audience towards your website. After all, if you’re a plumbing business who only operates in the Perth metro area then it makes more sense to focus on local keywords (e.g. “Perth plumbing services”) than it does to try and gain the #1 international Google ranking for “plumber”.
  • Claim your Google My Business Listing: Google My Business is a free listing that includes links to your website, shows your location on Google Maps and allows customers to leave reviews and feedback. It also plays an instrumental role in funnelling local traffic towards your website, yet it is often underutilised by existing businesses. By claiming and updating your Google My Business profile we make it easier for local searches to be matched up with your business.
  • Optimising Content: In the often-quoted words of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, “content is king”. This is true for SEO, but it doesn’t mean that volume alone is the deciding factor. You can have 300 pages on your website, all featuring 2000+ words, but if the text is hard to read, poorly organised and non-sensical then it’s not going to improve your Google search rankings. Net Search will help you craft high-quality content that appeals to your target audience, the kind of content that people will actually want to engage with.
  • Understand Meta Descriptions: What is a meta description? When you use a search engine, you’ll generally see a list of website links, each followed by a small blurb of text. This little blurb is the website meta description. Now, most web developers are aware that in September 2009 Google announced that they would no longer be using meta descriptions as a ranking factor. As a result, many ceased to view meta descriptions as being important. But while Google may not view them as important, think about the people completing the Google search – improving your meta descriptions makes it more likely people will click through to your website and become a paying customer.

How Much Will an SEO Agency in Perth Cost?

You may be surprised to discover that SEO companies in Perth can vary wildly when it comes to their estimated cost. 

Factors That Affect SEO Cost

This is because the cost of implementing effective SEO strategies will ultimately be impacted by:

Location Targeting

As a general rule, the larger the target area, the more work required to cover it effectively. If you want to focus your company’s SEO on a few select suburbs, then this will be accomplished a lot more quickly than a similar campaign targeting the state in its entirety.

SEO Objectives

Is your objective to increase website traffic by 50%? To achieve #1 Google rankings across multiple search terms? Or just to enhance the overall usability of your website? The cost of your SEO strategies will be impacted by the level of work required to achieve your stated objectives.

Keyword Competition

If your business operates in an industry with fierce local competition then it may require more time and effort to rise to the top of local search rankings. Comparably, if you operate in a very niche industry with minimal competition then it will likely cost less to improve your ranking status.

Current Website Condition

If you have worked with an SEO agency in Perth before then your existing website will likely already have some level of optimisation. If this is the case, you may just need a few key tweaks to make a measurable difference to your online performance. However, if you’ve never before considered an SEO strategy then there will be a lot more work in overhauling your existing website.

SEO Agency

Sadly, some Perth SEO agencies have a reputation for being unscrupulous when it comes to charging for their services. This means that two SEO businesses may be offering the exact same services but at vastly different pricing. To ensure you’re getting the best possible value for money return, look for an SEO service provider that is up-front and totally transparent about costs, while also providing measurable objectives.

How Much Will Net Search Charge for Perth SEO Services?

The up-front answer? It will very much depend on you. Your business, your website, your goals for future growth, your target audience and your local industry. Search engine optimisation is such a personalised service that it is impossible to simply list a generic dollar figure that will be accurate. But while we can’t provide you with a universal estimate here, we can promise you the following 6 things:

  1. We’re happy to provide costing tailored to your needs: Cookie-cutter pricing will result in cookie-cutter outcomes. At Net Search, we prefer to offer our clients a tailored approach, and along with that, we offer tailored pricing. What does this mean? It means that we won’t overcharge you for work that isn’t necessary, and we won’t undercharge you and then deliver a half-baked strategy.
  2. Taking the time to plan delivers optimal results: Effective search engine optimisation is the result of extensive planning. Rather than rush through this process, we take the time to investigate current search trends that are relevant to your business, location and industry, which helps us to gain a clearer picture of how much work will be involved. This not only allows our costing to be more accurate but also ensures our customers experience fantastic long-term results.
  3. We can deliver an SEO strategy that suits your needs and budget: Building an SEO framework can be compared to building a house, where the cost and final result will be either lavish or simple depending on the needs, wants and budget of the owner. Net Search is happy to work within the budget of our customers, recognising that a simple, well thought out approach to SEO can still be highly effective at enhancing the online presence of a business.
  4. We won’t tie you down with a lock-in contract: Net Search is proud to be known as the SEO Perth agency that is strongly opposed to lock-in contracts. Why? Because they’re not mutually beneficial – in fact, they seem to only benefit the SEO company that will continue to get paid, regardless of whether they’re doing a good job. At Net Search, we love the fact that our clients are free to leave any time they want because it serves as an excellent motivator. We have to produce measurable outcomes if we want to stay in business…and after a decade of working as an SEO Perth company with a solid client base, we think the results speak for themselves.
  5. You’ll get total honesty and transparency in all your dealings with Net Search: Net Search was founded on two fundamental principles: transparency and integrity. We’re not interested in confusing our clients with a lot of technobabble designed to make them invest more – we just want to provide the best possible SEO outcomes. Our goal isn’t to trick search engines into ranking you higher – it’s to build an online presence worthy of the highest ranking. By staying focused on running an open and honest business we’re able to take real pride in our reputation as an SEO agency with integrity.
  6. We’re big enough to mitigate risk, but still small enough to care: Are there bigger SEO agencies in Perth? Yes. And we believe this is one of our greatest strengths. With Net Search, your account will be directly managed by the developer who is doing all the work, ensuring there is no chance for miscommunications between what is sold and what is delivered. By deliberately managing our growth we’re still able to provide personalised service at a lower price.

To discuss exactly what kind of SEO services will deliver the highest return on investment for your business, contact Net Search today on phone: 1300 717 588 or via email: [email protected].