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I’m sure you’re tired of countless phone calls and emails from overseas SEO providers claiming they can get your business to number 1. Unfortunately, the SEO industry doesn’t have the best reputation for being trustworthy or delivering on what they claim.

At Net Search we bring integrity, honesty and transparency to all of our SEO services. There are no lock-in contracts and each month you will see the work we have done and the results it has generated.

SEO is a very tricky service to get right. Google is constantly updating its search algorithm and if you are too aggressive you run the risk of being penalized. It is for this reason that you need to work with an experienced team who have generated real results for Perth businesses.

a seo provider with real transparency

The four main SEO ranking factors Google looks at

If you tick these four boxes, you will rank.

Our team works through each of these four categories of SEO to ensure that your website has high trust, relevant content, no technical issues and a good user experience. You will see exactly what work we do and why we do it. No smoke and mirrors, just a good quality solution for a reasonable price.

Over the years we have developed tried and tested methods of improving your website across all areas of SEO. Whether you need more quality backlinks or more relevant content on your site, our team have the expertise and tools to get your website ranking in the top spot.

It is this level of transparency on the work that we do that sets us apart from other SEO providers in Perth.

experience from running seo campaigns for over 10 years

What makes us different

Having run SEO campaigns for over 10 years, we know from experience what does, and does not work with ranking a website higher. There is a lot of misinformation about SEO and the industry is filled with aggressive sales people and con artists.

What makes us different is that our SEO service is transparent and honest. We have ranked local and national sites in #1 for some extremely competitive search terms. We work hard for our clients, so there is nothing to hide. We don’t do lock-in contracts and you can talk directly to the person running your SEO campaign at any time.

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