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Web design and development

A website is an essential component of any business. Oftentimes it is the first impression a customer has of your company and it is an essential tool for promoting your services and products. A good website design can be the difference between success and failure in today’s competitive online market.

When designing a website it is essential that a measured and thoughtful process is used. What benefits your customer will be looking for, as well as what your customer’s value about their experience with your business, all need to be taken into account so the user can be subtly and effectively guided turning a visitor into a paying customer.

Our team of developers is small but also highly specialized, so they can take care of every aspect of your websites design and development. Our small team size ensures that only experienced designers and developers are working on your project so you can rest assured that whether you’re getting a single page site, or a full eCommerce web design, the coding and user interface will be second to none.

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Local and national SEO

Honest SEO consultants in Perth are hard to find. The SEO industry is filled with dodgy salespeople who make false promises and use smoke screens and confusing jargon to obscure their work.  At Net Search we are bringing integrity, transparency, and honesty to SEO services.

The secret to good SEO is simple, hard work. At Net Search we are the real deal when it comes to expertise in SEO. We have helped many Perth businesses to the Number One spot. This isn’t done by tricking Google into ranking you higher, it is done by making your website deserve to rank higher. This approach to our SEO Perth service is a lot more work, but it delivers the best results and is much more resilient to future search engine algorithm updates.

Unlike other SEO agencies in Perth, you will deal directly with the person who is doing the work. We are a small team and all of our link building and on-page optimisation is done in-house. This way we can tightly control quality in every step of the work we do.

Local and National SEO Perth
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Digital marketing agency

With a wealth of experience in adwords advertising, display advertising, and social media advertising, our team can drive the perfect mix of highly targeted traffic to your site.

Different digital marketing strategies work better for different businesses. Social media advertising works better for businesses with a specific target demographic or products/services which can be impulse purchases. Google Adwords can work well, but only if the market isn’t saturated with high bids. Display advertising is excellent for brand exposure but a poor performer for conversions. Targeting specific job roles such as lawyers and accountants is best done through LinkedIn advertising.

Digital marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution as different digital advertising solutions are appropriate for different businesses. When you contact us our team will carefully consider which mix of strategies will work best for your business, and put together a custom digital marketing strategy.

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why choose us

all work is in house

A lot of agencies outsource their work overseas as a way of cutting costs. At Net Search, we do all our work in house so you can rest assured that it will be completed to a high quality.

specialised and responsive

Communication, or lack thereof, is a huge issue with most digital agencies, especially the larger ones. Being a small team we are extremely responsive, replying to all emails and phone calls on the same day.

no lock-in contracts

Most digital agencies lock their clients into minimum term contracts. At Net Search, we want our clients to stay with us because we're the best, not because they are legally obligated to, which is why we don’t force our clients into lock-in contracts.

affordable and transparent

It is unbelievable what some agencies in Perth are charging. At Net Search we believe that you can run a profitable business while providing transparency and reasonable pricing with no hidden costs.