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a great website is the foundation of a great digital marketing campaign
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Stand out from your competition with a website which is designed and developed by a team of web design Perth experts.

We create and construct our websites from scratch to ensure a seamless user experience from start to finish. Our background in software development ensures that your website not only looks beautiful, but that it functions beautifully too.

A website will only bring benefit to your business if it has traffic; our full suite of SEO and digital marketing services ensures that your website has a steady stream of targeted traffic delivering more leads and sales to your business.

affordable and transparent in-house website design and development

a better approach to web design


Oftentimes a website's timeline and scope are not clearly defined by web design agencies; this leads to budget and timeline blowouts. At Net Search we ensure that there is a clear timeline for all deliverables (and that we stick to it), and that the scope of the work is clearly defined for the client for all of our services.


It's cheaper to outsource website design and development work. This, however, results in a cheaply made product as the functionality, design and coding are worse, and which could ultimately do more harm than good to your business. At Net Search we prioritise quality over profits- we complete all of our work in-house by our experienced local team, but we keep our prices reasonable to ensure you get good quality for a good price.


Unlike big web design agencies which have the added overheads of account managers, expense offices, sales staff, and managers, our business is run with minimal outgoing costs. This is because you work directly with the developer who is designing and building your site. This means there is better communication and a higher quality end result. It also means that the costs are much lower, which makes our web design Perth work much more affordable.