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A WordPress website is only as good as the team that built it
WordPress Web Design Perth
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Powering over 60 million sites, WordPress is the most popular website content management system in the world; and not just small websites- 33.6% of the top 10 million sites in the world use this system.

WordPress originally started as a blogging platform when it was released in 2003. Since then it has evolved into an extremely flexible platform that supports a huge variety of content including forums, media galleries, membership sites, online stores and more.

At Net Search we love working with WordPress. Here are the main reasons why:

  • It’s easy to use for our clients
  • It’s flexible to develop custom solutions with
  • It’s SEO friendly
  • It has a huge range of plugins
a small team of experience WordPress developers

we know WordPress better than anyone


With a background in software engineering, our team can custom develop any solution you need within the WordPress platform; this is because WordPress is open source and extremely flexible in terms of what it can do.


We have built sites ranging from simple landing pages through to custom customer signup websites that integrate with 5 APIs simultaneously using WordPress. That is the fantastic thing about the platform, it is appropriate for both big and small web design projects.


We build our WordPress websites to be future-proof. We keep the plugin count to a minimum and ensure that your website has maximum compatibility with future updates to ensure your website works for years to come.

a website that looks great and is easy to manage

Over the years providing Perth web design services we have seen a wide range of WordPress sites. Some of them are good, and some of them are very bad. We’ve seen WordPress sites that are an absolute mess and completely unmanageable. This is not due to the CMS being bad, but the website being badly built.

Not all WordPress websites are the same in terms of how they are built, far from it in fact. At Net Search, we code your WordPress site to be as clean as possible. We aim to keep the number of plugins on your site low and we ensure that there is no html in any of the content areas you edit. We also ensure that all of the content is easy and intuitive to edit.

make your website memorable

WordPress web design

In the overcrowded online landscape it can be difficult to stand out from your competition, that’s why you need to work with a team of WordPress web designers who not only understand WordPress inside-out, but also know how to create a compelling digital user experience which differentiates you from everyone else.

Our team will go through a detailed set of questions with you before we even begin working on your site architecture. This way we completely understand your business, your customers and your product.

Web design is not just about making a website pretty, it’s about making a website that works seamlessly with your digital marketing, SEO, branding and adwords advertising. If you would like to find out more about our WordPress website design, call us today for a no-obligation chat.

WordPress web design