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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is broken down into two main categories: On-page SEO for all factors on the website, and off-page SEO for all factors outside of the website.

On page ranking factors are essential to get right when running a SEO campaign and play a crucial role in Google’s ranking algorithm. Our main goal when carrying out on-page optimisation is to improve the website’s relevance to the target search terms, as well as the website’s health and user experience.

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On-page ranking factors

In order to rank well, your on-page SEO needs to be on point. Here is a list of the main on-page SEO factors we look at when optimising a site:


When it comes to on-page SEO, content is king. You can't expect a website to rank if it doesn't have content which is directly related to the search terms you want to rank for. Our team will develop a custom content plan for your site to professionally write and optimise pages of content around your keywords and make your website an exhaustive source of information for the topics you want to rank for.

Keyword Optimisation

Google is pretty good at determining semantically relevant terms, however some keyword optimisation can go a long way in helping to improve your site's relevance. This includes optimising your site's titles, meta descriptions, alt text, headers and copy.

Site Structure

Your URLs should be structured in a hierarchy that makes sense to Google. They should also contain your target keywords where possible and avoid being too long or having numbers in them.

Internal Linking

Internal links help direct link equity throughout your site as well as guide searchers. They can establish a hierarchy in your website, allowing you to give more links to the important pages and less links to the less valuable pages.

Load Speed

Your site's load speed is essential for SEO. A poor site speed results in a poor user experience- this is something Google wants to avoid sending people to which will have a negative impact on your rankings.

Site Health
If your site has broken links, javascript errors, 404 pages or broken images, it will have a major impact on your rankings. Your website needs to work correctly if you expect it to rank high in Google SERPs.
User Behaviour
Google doesn't want to send users to a website with a high bounce rate, and poor user engagement. If your analytics is showing this, it not only impacts your conversions, it also impacts your rankings.
Mobile Friendliness
over 50% of searches in Google are made from a mobile device. Your website will not rank for these searches unless it is deemed to be mobile friendly. Load speed is particularly important for mobile searches.

All work is carried out in-house by our small and highly experienced team

What makes us different

All of our on-page optimisation work is done in-house by our SEO Perth team. This way you can rest assured that it is being carried out by an experienced developer with years of SEO experience.

Trusting your SEO to a large agency may seem appealing at first, but when you dig deeper it’s actually much worse. Large agencies have expensive offices and massive teams of account managers, operations managers, sales staff and accounting. These overheads are passed on to the customers resulting in very little work being done for the money you’re paying. Worse still is that you have no idea who is doing the work and what work has been done.

What makes us different is that when you choose Net Search, you’ll be working with a small team of hard working and experienced Perth digital marketing experts. Our overheads are minimal and you talk directly to the person doing the work. This results in more work being done for the same amount of money, a better service and a better end result. When considering SEO for your business, don’t be fooled into going with a big agency, give us a call instead!

What makes us different

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