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Millions of businesses use Google Ads when looking to drive more traffic to their site. This is because it is an extremely useful digital advertising tool when managed correctly. An effective Google pay-per-click (PPC) campaign works perfectly with a SEO campaign as they both target different areas of Google’s search results page.

With so many businesses on Google Ads, it’s important to be careful about how you setup your advertising campaign- an incorrectly setup campaign can be a quick way to lose a lot of money fast. A well optimised campaign however, can be a steady stream of targeted visitors to your website.

Over the years we have built and managed many super-effective Adwords campaigns; the secret to this success is a deep understanding of the Google Ads platforms and well as a good understanding about the best way to setup your targeting, keywords and ads.

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SEO Specialist James

James Campbell

Bach Eng Software Engineering 10+ years experience in web development & digital marketing
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Jonathan Cream

Bach Eng Software Engineering 10+ years experience in web development & digital marketing
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why use us for your adwords management?

Google ads is amazing for a quick return on investment. Unlike SEO, which can take months to take effect, the effect of Adwords happens almost straightaway. It is also extremely flexible. Business a bit quiet today? Increase you daily budget. Starts to get busy again? Pause your campaign.

Google makes up 90% of online searches in Australia; if you’re not on Google, then you’re not on the internet. Search Engine Optimisation is an effective way to get more exposure on Google, however Adwords is also a viable method. To maximize your exposure, you can do both and show up both in organic and paid for a search term, which will give you even more exposure.

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what makes our Perth Google adwords management different?

Our main point of difference from other agencies is our transparency and pricing. Unlike other agencies we will give you direct access to your Adwords campaign so you can see exactly how well it is going and turn it on or off directly.

Our pricing is simple, we charge a management fee for your campaign which is based on how much time you want us to spend on it. The Google budget is charged directly by Google on your nominated credit card so there is complete transparency on the amount of budget being spent.

We don’t do lock-in contracts and you can pause your Adwords campaign at any time. We setup complete conversion tracking for all of our campaigns so you know exactly how many conversions your campaign is bringing in, and your cost per conversion.

If you are searching for a dedicated team to look after your Google Ads campaign, then give us a call us for an obligation free chat.

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our Google adwords management fees are based on time that will be spent working on your campaign - not a percent of your budget