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Honest SEO consultants in Perth are hard to find. The SEO industry is filled with dodgy salespeople who make false promises and use smoke screens and confusing jargon to obscure their work.  At Net Search we are bringing integrity, transparency and honesty to SEO services. All our SEO strategies will be laid out in a clear timeline, so you know exactly what work we are doing.

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The secret to good SEO is simple, hard work. At Net Search we are the real deal when it comes to expertise in SEO. We have helped several Perth businesses to the Number 1 spot. This isn’t done by tricking Google into ranking you higher, it is done by making your website deserve to rank higher. This approach is a lot more work, but it delivers the best results and is much more resilient to future search engine algorithm updates.


All of our SEO strategies will be laid out in a clear timeline so you know exactly what work we are doing.


We will only push your rankings for search terms which have a good search volume.


We produce a measurable return on investment so you know exactly how effective your campaign is for your business.


We will explain the reason behind each of our strategies so you understand your SEO campaign from start to finish.


When you deal with Net Search, you deal directly with James and Jonathan who will be personally managing your campaign.


We are extremely responsive, replying to phone calls and emails within the day.

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No Lock-In Contracts

 At Net Search we work hard for our clients.  We show all the work we do and produce measurable results to showcase your return on investment. We don’t believe in lock-in contracts, we will earn your loyalty from consistently delivering quality work and tangible results for your business.

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Transparency and Accountability

Unlike other SEO agencies in Perth, you will deal directly with the person who is doing the work. We are a small team and all of our link building and on-page optimisation is done in-house. This way we can tightly control quality in every step of the work we do.

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Real Results

Search engine optimisation agencies may be able to talk big, but can they back it up with actual results? We can. We have reached the #1 spots many times in some extremely competitive markets.  

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