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Search engine optimisation explained

When Google ranks websites it uses an algorithm (a series of logic) to determine which websites are the best quality and most relevant to a search term. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’ and is the process of optimising a website for Google’s ranking algorithm so that it appears higher in the search results and therefore receives more traffic.

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The difference between success and failure in SEO

HTML is the code used to create web pages. When a search engine crawls your site it will read and analyse your site’s HTML. Below are some important factors to consider with you HTML to achieve SEO success.

The Title Tag

The title is the most important tag within your HTML code as it directly relates to what the page is about. Bad titles lead to little understanding of what the page is about which is reflected in your website rankings. Ensure that each page title tag on your site is unique and accurately describes the content of the page. Google typically displays the first 50-60 characters of a title tag so keep is short and concise.

Meta Description Tag

The meta description tag is used to suggest how you would like your page to be described in search listings. It is the small block of text which appears under a listing in Google’s search results. Create unique meta description tags for each of your website pages. This will help increase your website listings click-through rate.

Structured Data

Structured data or ‘rich snippets’ are a way of telling search engines what your content is about by using specific mark-up code. While this is not a direct ranking factor it can enrich your listing on Google which will improve your website’s listings and click through rate. More information about rich snippets supported by Google can be seen here.

Header Tags

Similar to the title tag, header tags are important for informing search engines about what key sections of your website are about. If your keyword appears in your website’s header tags then search engines will deem your page’s content to be more relevant.


Getting the best return on investment for your business

High Quality Links

We don’t build spammy links from low quality websites.

Natural Anchor Text Diversity

We build links using a natural anchor text diversity to ensure that your back link profile does not look suspicious.

Transparency of Work Completed

All links built and work completed is sent to you in a monthly report.

Tried and Proven Strategies

The SEO methods we use are both tried and proven to improve organic rankings.

Measurable Results

We measure your website traffic and your rankings, which you can access directly from your client login.


A honest service for a honest price
  • View Your Website Rankings

    Simply log in to your client area and view see exactly where your website is ranking for all of your target keywords.

  • View Your Website Traffic

    Keep track of exactly how much traffic your website is receiving as well as where the traffic is coming from.

  • Updated every 24 hours

    The data in your account is updated every day so you know exactly how your website is performing.


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