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AdWords is an online advertising service provided by Google. in which advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their ads to appear in Google’s search results. Advertisements can be activated quick which means you can bring in quality traffic to your website in as little as 24 hours. And the best bit? you only pay when someone clicks through to your website.

Working with your account manager you can change your budget and target market almost instantly. This flexibility and transparency is what sets Net Search apart from other online marketers.

How can it help my business?
  • Cost effective and immediate way to generate high quality traffic for your website
  • You only pay only when someone clicks on your Ad
  • You can choose the daily spend or budget. The amount you spend is up to you.


Getting the best return on investment for your business

More Traffic

With Net Search on the case your Google Adwords campaign will bring in a lot of highly qualified local traffic to your site.

Better Traffic

Our experience and expertise ensures that you get the best ROI from your AdWords campaign by only targeting traffic which is highly relevant, local and has the best conversion rates.

Lower Costs

At Net Search we focus on keeping your cost-per-click as low as possible. You are also billed directly by Google so if the monthly budget is not reached you only pay for what was spent.

Higher Return

We don’t just focus on getting your website more visitors, we focus on getting your website the right visitors. It’s about spending your budget in a way which generates the most customers for your business.

Measurable Results

At Net Search we measure everything from the amount of traffic to the number of phone calls and emails generated from your Adwords campaign.


A honest service for a honest price
  • Flat Monthly Fee

    At Net Search we provide complete transparency by charging a flat monthly fee for managing your adwords campaign. This fee is based on the amount of time spent on your campaign each month.

  • Billed Directly By Google

    Let’s say you have a $2000 monthly budget but only spend $1872.30. No problem! At Net Search You will be billed directly by Google during your campaign which means you only pay for the clicks you receive.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Every month we will send you through a report on your campaign which breaks down your cost, visitors and conversions.


The difference between success and failure in adwords
What to Keep in Mind When Writing Ads

Unique Selling Point
Explain why someone should buy your service rather than one of your competitors. Including this in your ad will differentiate it from the others.

Think Like Your Target Market
Try to put yourself in the position of someone searching one of your keywords on Google. What do they want to know about your product/service? What motivates their buying decision?

Include Your Keyword
Including your keyword in your advertisment, especially in the heading, will increase your click through rate. It will also improve your ad quality score which gives you a higher ad position for a lower cost.

Include a Call to Action
A call to action is a message telling the searcher what to do when they are interested in your product/service. “call us today” and “buy online now” are great examples of calls to action.


No fixed term contract


  • Up to $2000 Budget p/m
  • Keyword Research
  • up to 2 campaigns
  • Monthly Reports
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  • Up to $4000 Budget p/m
  • Keyword Research
  • up to 3 campaigns
  • Monthly Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
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  • Up to $7000 Budget p/m
  • Keyword Research
  • up to 5 campaigns
  • Monthly Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
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  • Unlimited Budget p/m
  • Keyword Research
  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Monthly Reports
  • Conversion Tracking
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*Prices stated are subject to an additional 10% GST charge